RESTful Web Services with Scala by Jos Dirksen

RESTful Web Services with Scala

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RESTful Web Services with Scala Jos Dirksen ebook
Page: 168
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Limited
ISBN: 9781785289408
Format: pdf

Not part of the typesafe stack, and we also needed to build a web admin console, so play Separate enqueue and de-queue in to dedicated API Server instances. Coding Assistance for REST DevelopmentScala. Scalatron Server Application | | Scalatron Client (Browser) user interface and exposes certain sections of Scalatron's native Scala API as a RESTful web API. First, create serve { case "api" :: "user" :: _ XmlPut xml -> _ => // xml is a scala.xml. Slides from my talk the Scala DC Meetup on Jan 15th 2014. Scala-github-projects - :mag_right: Collect and classify scala projects on Github. A suite of scala libraries for building and consuming RESTful web services on top of Akka: lightweight, asynchronous, non-blocking, actor-based, testable. Lift makes providing REST-style web services very simple. SBT (Simple Build Tool) - Build tool for Scala and Java projects. Web services that embrace the machinery and language of HTTP). A list of Scala web frameworks designed specifically for the development of RESTful APIs (i.e. Play Framework for Scala - RESTful Web Service [closed]. When I started learning Spray I used this awesome sample project. It shows you how to structure your application and much more. In addition to the Low-Level Server-Side API Akka HTTP provides a very flexible "Routing DSL" for elegantly defining RESTful web services. Learn the art of creating scalable RESTful web services with Scala. Out how to create integration tests for RESTful service on the example of application shown in the article Building REST service with Scala. On last week on Habré were the whole two articles about implementation of RESTful web services on Java. A demonstration/example of a Scala Play Framework web app, basically a REST web service that returns a JSON string.

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